Our programs get things started

Big Brothers Big Sisters pairs children, ages 6–18, with adult role models in one-to-one relationships, who help change their lives for the better, forever.

Community-based Mentoring


Community-Based Mentoring is our signature program, where Bigs and Littles meet in the community to participate in social activities, such as going to a movie, going to a sporting event, or simply hanging out. The important part of their activity is the one-to-one time and the consistency of the relationship.

Volunteer Commitment: Activities 2-4 times per month, each activity 2-4 hours, at least 1 year

School-based mentoring

School Based 1:1 Mentoring

This looks much like our Community based program, but instead of meeting in the community, our Bigs and Littles meet at the Little’s school. They work on homework, play games, or venture outside together.

Volunteer Commitment: Once (1) per week, 45-60 minutes, at least 1 school year

Kids Book Club

In Kids Book Club, struggling readers are in group setting (4-6 students) working on literacy skills, including reading comprehension, discussion skills, and writing responses to age appropriate literature.

Volunteer Commitment: Once (1) per week, 45-60 minutes, at least one school year


MentorU's mission is to help high school students develop personal, academic, and career skills by providing each student with a Big who has experience in a variety of areas and bring unique perspectives, can be a listening ear, offer encouragement and be an additional support person. In this program, high school Littles will have class time once per week with the BBBS Program Coordinator where they will discuss topics such as goals, critical thinking, self-advocacy, college preparation, self-identity, etc.

Volunteer Commitment: Respond to one (1) email per week, meet in person once (1) per month, at least one school year

Small Group Mentoring

Small Group Mentoring is group mentoring program designed to address the needs of Littles awaiting a one-to-one match and engaging our Bigs. It provides Bigs and Littles the opportunity to participate in facilitated group mentoring activities. All children and volunteers accepted into our program can immediately become members until matched in the Community-Based program.

Volunteer Commitment: Attend at least six (6) activities per year, activities currently being held on Sundays

For more information about our programs, please contact Alyne Van Winkle, Program Director, at [email protected] or 425.258.4645