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Meet Big Brother Myke and Little Brother Tyrell - our 2018 Match of the Year!

Myke and Tyrell were matched 5 years ago this summer when Tyrell was 8 years old.  During their time together, Myke and Tyrell have had many opportunities to explore new places and share new experiences all while growing closer and learning about each other.  Tyrell has enjoyed watching movies, going to sporting events and playing video games. One of his favorite activities was running the Jingle Bell Dash a few years ago. He and Myke talk about current events that are happening in our country, and Myke has helped Tyrell understand more of what it means to be a man of color in our current society.

When we spoke to Myke and Tyrell about being our Match of the Year, we asked them what stood out most. Tyrell “cannot imagine Myke not being part of my life. I see us being brothers forever.  He is such a big support to me.” Myke says, “I am sure Tyrell doesn’t fully understand the inspiration he has been to me.  Tyrell has been a constant reminder of what really matters in life.” Finally, Tyrell’s mom shares that “the emotional support Myke has provided has been significant. Myke has been a consistent person that keeps showing up and is always there for Tyrell.”

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